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Have a Happy and Milka One!

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While most people enjoy the Christmas joys, there are several jobs that must be on duty. Doctors, firefighters, shop assistants...It was them that Milka decided to thank in its Christmas campaign. We let visitors vote on a special microsite on which profession deserves our thanks the most. The victorious firefighters then received a sweet prize from Milka on behalf of all the voters and got selected thank you messages for their dedication on Christmas.


Milka wished for an original and innovative Christmas campaign. That is why they invited representatives of PR agencies from six countries in EMEA and gave them the same assignment: Bring us a brilliant and original concept! Yes, your guess is right - ours was the best!


We asked ourselves which professions are not entitled to the Christmas day off. A firefighter, doctor, or even speaker on the radio, they all have to work on Christmas Day. In order to thank them, we dared to be tender and let people from across the country to vote for professions that deserve the biggest thanks for their duty on Christmas. Milka wanted to use the campaign to thank everyone who allows us to buy presents on Christmas, to bake cookies, send packages, deliver cards, put out fires and treat potential injuries during the Christmas spree, or travel to our families.

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