AMC - The Walking Dead

We have infected the Czech Republic!

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We prepared a campaign for AMC, which informed of the launch of a new television series The Walking Dead: The Beginning of the End. To draw attention, we created the illusion that dangerous infection also reached the Czech Republic. And really, until this day, we register over 6,000 undead and millions of infected...


The AMC channel wanted to inform the fans of The Walking Dead that they will broadcast a new season. However, The Walking Dead: The Beginning of the End is not a sequel, but a prequel with a completely new plot and heroes. The big question also was whether or not the Czech Republic is already bored with the zombie theme. That is why we created an unconventional campaign.


During the campaign we came up with a special Virstagram website, where visitors could customize their photos and make themselves undead. We involved celebrities in action - with Patrik Hezucky, we agreed on playing a prank on his colleague from the radio, Leos Mares. He experienced the zombie apocalypse with all-inclusive, and the result was a prank video with millions of views.In promotion, we also cooperated with significant YouTubers, who advised their fans advice on how to survive a zombie apocalypse. The videos and Virstagram were both covered by the Czech media and shared by celebrities - Leos Mares published photos processed in Virstagram on his Instagram profile.

Campaign results

  • 932k

    video views

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    reach on FB

  • 24 mil.

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