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About Konektor Social

About Konektor Social

Konektor Social is a content agency, functioning together with its sister company, PR.Konektor. Social specializes in analytics and social-network management, creating original and functional content, cooperation with bloggers, influencers and in creative projects of all kinds. From websites, applications to communication itself, not only on social networks. Our motto is "content is the king" and we can crown him properly.


Selected references

  • ČVUT
  • Milka
  • AMC
  • Česká Spořitelna
  • Hollandia
  • Sazka

We teach brands to talk

We manage brand communication on social networks. We understand the way a company should lead a dialogue with their fans. We also understand that every client is different and requires a different approach. That's why we dedicate time to creating a strategy that will be best for the particular network and company. We manage small pages but we also deal with those with hundreds of thousands of fans. In both cases, we create original content that works.

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We know what suits you

The requirements differ from client to client. For one a simple, clear presentation is enough, the other needs a solution specifically tailored to their needs. And the third wants a mobile application. Not only can we manage all the approaches, but also know when to use which one. We can do UX design as well as create graphic design, or arrange for the entire project from design to implementation.

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Content is king. Long live content!

Today, advertising as such is not enough. With the massive expansion of social networks, it is necessary to reach customers differently - with an interesting content. We can create such content, tailored to the client's requirements, and also those of their target group. At the same time, we will deliver this content to the (potential) customers in the best way.

Influence others

We have very good relationships with opinion leaders, celebrities and influencers in general. We were one of the first companies in the Czech and Slovak Republic to start working with YouTubers. We received a number of awards for using influencers in communication, including European Excellence Awards. Moreover, we are capable of enthuse these people about our projects so much that they take them as their own and promote them beyond the contract.

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We will not miss the target

Internet and especially social networks offer more and more ways of reaching your target audience. Choosing the most effective one requires an expert, who not only creates the campaign, but also continuously analyses and optimizes. We are good at both: we shoot with precision and we can even hit a target around the corner. To get to your clients, we will use means like the interests they share.

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Víme co dělat, když hoří

You would not swash a pan full of burning oil with water. And especially not in the Internet era, where even a tiny spark may ignite a huge fire. We do not underestimate small things and we can anticipate problems. We will prepare a crisis communication plan for you and if the crisis comes, you will get non-stop support of our senior consultant.

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